About Vireak Buntham Express

Welcome to Virak Buntham

Founded in 2004, Virak Buntham Express Tour & Travel (VET Travel) is the fastest-growing passenger transport bus company in Cambodia. We offer a fleet of luxury vehicles - including comfortable sleeping buses, hotel buses, and 2015 VIP Toyota Hiace Series VIP minivans - to the region's top destinations. Our robust daily schedule covers major destinations in Cambodia and also cross border journeys to Vietnam and Thailand. From the very beginning, VET Travel has had a great reputation among international travelers as a company that has high standards levels and rigid maintenance schedules.

Our Organizational Chart

Team Management

VET Travel has a clear organizational chart in order to manage the daily activities of a dynamic transportation company. All department members have been carefully selected to be responsible for their tasks. Besides their individual duties, all VET Travel team members focus on safe transportation for every one of our customers.

Chief Executive Officer - Responsible for the overall business strategy, operation management, marketing strategy, financial management and human resource management for VET Travel.

Deputy Executive Officer— Controls daily bus operation activities, including driver and crisis management, as well as all bus-related expenses.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer – Oversees for Public Communication with the government, public service departments and related ministries; especially the Traffic Law Department. Also communicates and coordinates with stakeholders in order to improve company services and transportation safety.

Marketing Manager - In charge of product and service development, customer satisfaction, marketing strategy, agency and tours communication.

Financial and Accounting Manager - In charge of financial reports, budgeting control, cash and bank management, debt management, reinforcing financial discipline, tax report management, keeping accounting records, and ensuring that all expenses and revenues are correctly controlled.

Human Resource and Administration Manager – Responsible for general administrative works, governmental communication, policy development and reinforcement, human resource planning, training and development, payroll and benefit management, performance appraisals, and conflict management.

Our Professional Drivers

Your safety is our primary consideration and starts before you board our bus or van: All our drivers have undergone traffic law and emotional education.

Our drivers are restricted by company policy not to exceed 80Km (49Mph) to ensure safety and security for all of our passengers.

VET Travel's fleet of vehicles are continually being upgraded to ensure current standards of safety, reliability, and comfort.

Our Services

On Board Services

All our passengers are served complimentary drinking water

Every vehicle is equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, audio visual features, and on board toilet.

Plenty of room for your carry-on luggage. Accommodation for oversize baggage may be acquired by pre-booking.

All luggage is checked in with a receipt for your security and peace of mind.

To assist and support both Cambodian and international passengers, we offer announcements in Khmer and English.

All VET Travel vehicles are modern, air-conditioned, spacious, and comfortable. Our fleet of 40-seat commuter, hotel and sleeping buses and VIP vans give you a comfortable and relaxed journey, regardless of your destination.

Service Convenience

We provide complimentary pick up service to take you from you from your travel agent, hotel or guest house to our bus check-in point upon request.

For cross-border trips between Cambodia and Vietnam or Thailand, our crew takes care of all official documentation for passport and visa issue or checking to ease you through all immigration and customs procedures.

Transportation Services

We provide goods transportation for both local and cross-border passage to Vietnam and Thailand

You can also charter personalized trips with VET bus and van rental services.

For other transportation services, please contact us on “contact us” page

* Please note, however, valid visa is required prior to entry to Vietnam or Thailand. For Cambodia, Visa on arrival is simply and quickly obtained at the Cambodian border.